The never ending war between cars and bikes

Top Reasons Why Cars Are Better Than Motorcycles

May 15th, 2015 by rnn.yqe.


1. Come Rain or Shine

The weather can be unpredictable and when it is, four wheels are better than two when it comes to tackling heavy rain, snow or ice. Not only is it more challenging for motorcyclists to manoeuvre their bikes in chaotic conditions but they’re also more physically exposed to the earthly elements. Under the robust roof of a car, you’re less likely to get wild windswept hair, freezing frostbite or even stinging sunburn; you can cool yourself down, warm yourself up or simply stay dry in your aluminium bubble.

2. Robust vs Risky

Bigger and better balanced, getting behind the wheel of a car offers more stability for drivers than motorcycles do. In comparison to their two-wheeled counterparts, the construction of a car is sturdier and therefore safer to drive especially in the worst case scenario of a collision. Just like the weather, motorcyclists are also more vulnerable and exposed to the hazards on the roads too so you’re more likely to be dicing with danger on a bike.

3. Fun vs Functionality

The fresh air and buzz of the open road relished by many motorcyclists can be addictive but what about the practical side? If you need to give the children a lift or do the weekly grocery shop, a motorcycle certainly isn’t the ideal candidate for the job. You can forget any room for your bags or places for passengers and you’re likely to get a few raised eyebrows if you plonk the kids on to the back of a bike. A car provides the freedom to bungle your belongings in to the trunk with plenty of space left over for other people. Plus, with a motorcycle, you’ll have to carry a hefty helmet everywhere and take the time out attiring yourself in the right gear before even switching on the engine.