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Tools needed to repair your car or motorcycle

May 11th, 2015 by rnn.yqe.


If you are thinking about repairing your vehicle, you’ll need a helping hand. From open ended wrenches to ratchet extensions, here are some of the most important tools that you will need to repair your car or motorcycle.

1. Open ended wrench

One of the most useful tools in your toolbox, a good wrench can make any repair job a piece of cake. Remember – find out the type of wrench that is compatible with your car or motorcycle, especially when some vehicles rely on a standard sized or metric sized bolt. These wrenches are available in various sizes, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

2. Manual

This is your ultimate companion when performing a repair job on your car or motorcycle, so treat it with care! Your manual will include all the information you need when repairing or maintaining your vehicle, and should come with a handy index to find information quickly when you need help. If you’ve lost your manual, you can always purchase a replacement from the manufacturer.

3. Ratchet extension

These fitted bars let you extend the reach of a socket when you’re using a ratchet wrench. It comes with multiple accessories so if your wrench can’t reach a particular nut or bolt, these tools will go in-between and provide you with the reach you need. Ratchet extensions are available in various sizes, and can be as long as three feet. Although some torque will be lost on the bolt because of the flex of the extension, these tools can perform a variety of jobs, making them one of the most useful devices when completing repair work.

4. Ratchet wrenches

When performing repairs on your car or motorcycle, you’ll probably need a ratchet wrench. These have interchangeable ends (sockets) that fit the wrench to a bolt of any size. In addition, a switch on the tool lets you tighten or loosen bolts. There are a plethora of different sized ratchet wrenches available, so you might want to purchase a set to keep in your tool box in case of an emergency. A 1/2 inch wrench can be used when performing larger jobs.