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Car Repair Gadgets

May 23rd, 2015 by rnn.yqe.

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If you carry out your own car maintenance and repairs you probably have a garage full of tools and equipment, but there are some gadgets and tools that make the whole process not only easier and safer, but also more enjoyable. We asked some professionals to select their must-have gadgets. In no particular order, their top picks were:

  • Magnetic LED Lamp Being able to see what you are doing makes every task easier. Magnetic LED lamps clamp onto any magnetic surface, such as the underside of the bonnet and cast a bright, white light into the darkest recesses.
  • Compressor Compressors power a whole range of air tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers and help to speed up your workload. If you plan to do your own paint job, they are also used to power spray guns and air-fed masks.
  • Air wrench See above! A good air wrench will save you a lot of time and makes light work of getting the toughest nuts undone.
  • Vehicle Mover When you are working on a car in a confined space, using a vehicle mover is the safest and easiest way to move it.
  • Trolley Jack If you need to get under your car, a hydraulic trolley jack is essential for lifting and stabilizing your vehicle. Jacks should be used in conjunction with axle stands for safety.
  • Tyre Inflator Having your tyres inflated to the correct pressure is essential for safe driving and also means you will use less fuel.
  • Brake Bleeder Even when working single-handed, a brake bleeding kit will make quick work of bleeding brake lines.
  • First Aid Kit Home mechanics are bound to get the occasional cut or graze. A must-have in every garage, a first aid kit should contain a selection of dressings and antiseptic wipes.